Fireproof Carpet Pad FireMat: Indispensable for fire protection in the office

Fire protection carpet pad & Fireproof carpet pad with certificate from German TÜV- here on sale

Meet the fire safety requirements: Fireproof pads should be mandatory in the office.

The FireMat is a fire protection carpet pad certified by the German TÜV SÜD and offers you the perfect solution for fire protection in the office!

If you operate electrical appliances – such as a kettle or a coffee maker – in an office environment, you should take into account that it is essential to place such electrical appliances on a fireproof carpet pad in the office environment due to your fire risk. A large proportion of fires in offices and households are caused by defective electrical appliances. Therefore, in many European countries, the use of fireproof underlays for electrical appliances is mandatory. Likewise, the relevant European fire safety standards emphasize the importance of fireproof underlays for electrical equipment. Insurance companies also generally require such fireproof underlays for electrical equipment. Therefore, do not take any unnecessary liability risks. Protect your valuable real estate as well as life and limb of your employees by using our Firemat as carpet pad for electrical equipment.

The FireMat fire protection carpet pad available here is permanently heat-resistant up to 300°C and ensures that electronic equipment is handled in a legally compliant manner.

About our FireMat fire protection carpet pad:

  • Textile composition: Panox / Para Aramid
  • TÜV SÜD certified according to DIN EN ISO 11925-2

Ordering and payment on account is possible for companies, firms, authorities and public institutions.