Fireplace mat: protect valuable floors with the fireproof mat

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Fireplace mat: protect valuable floors with the fireproof mat

Are you also looking for the right fireplace mat to protect valuable floors around the fireplace? With this article we want to provide you with important information and help in this regard.

Fireplace mat protects from sparks

A fireproof mat is a must when planning to install a fireplace in the living room.
A spark protection mat will protect valuable floors such as parquet, wood or carpet. In the case of tiles as a substrate, no additional protection is necessary. You can ensure protection from sparks and fire by taking structural measures before installing the fireplace. Alternatively, you can use a fireproof mat as a fireplace mat.


Possible measures before the fireplace installation

There are spark arrestor plates made of granite or with elegant sandblasting, slate, stone, made of special safety glass or metal. These are products made of powder-coated steel, brass or sheet metal. The colors are usually rather dark, such as black or gray. This refractory base comes in numerous shapes, such as round arch, semicircle, rectangle, circle, ellipse, segmental arch and more. The size depends on the size of the fireplace and is precisely specified by the fire regulations of each state. As a rule, the minimum dimensions of the firebox opening are 50 cm to the front and 30 cm each to the right and left.

This spark protection plate is attached before the fireplace is installed. This fireplace rug not only protects the floor from sparks, but also from the heat generated by the subfloor and the pressure load of the weight of the fireplace.

In the case of a spark protection plate, it is also recommended to apply a special seal to the floor, so that it is closed. This is handled similarly to a silicone seal in the kitchen and thus prevents dirt and dust from developing underneath the plate. This approach is especially useful with a glass top, as otherwise you may be able to see the dirt underneath the top.

A Fireppace mat is an easy and inexpensive alternative.


Is your fireplace already standing? Then the FireMat is the perfect fireplace mat as spark protection

A subsequent installation of such massive solutions is often not possible or even very expensive. In such a case, our FireMat is an excellent alternative that looks high-quality and offers certified fire and spark protection. This fireproof mat is available in various designs and can be customized in shape, size and design to match the fireplace and the premises.
Furthermore, this fireproof mat also protects against possible scratches caused by dropping the fireplace cutlery, logs or coal briquettes. By placing a fireproof pad, the floor is protected from damage from sparks when opening the fireplace. It also prevents fire damage from occurring. Do you want to buy our FireMat? Here in the FireMat store you will find the perfect fireplace mat.

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