Fireproof pad: That’s why you need a firemat for fire safety

Fireproof pad fire mat kaffeemaschine

Fireproof pad: That’s why you need a FireMat for fire safety

In any company, the issue of fire safety in the office plays an essentially important role. The reason for this is that fire safety guidelines can save the lives of a company’s employees in the event of an emergency. For this reason, the proper implementation of fire safety guidelines is also checked by the fire department at regular intervals. The fire protection regulations cover all important aspects of fire protection, including escape and rescue routes and fire alarm systems. In addition, there are further regulations as well as rules that are not very well known in many authorities, companies as well as other institutions and are therefore relatively often forgotten. These include, above all, the use of fire protection underlays for all electrical appliances that have heating elements. Such a mat is also called a fireproof pad. Be sure to consider the requirement to use fireproof mats for electrical equipment in your company.


Fire protection in the office: fireproof pad saves lives

Many people are not even aware that a defect can occur more frequently in electrical appliances. Such a defect can cause a fire that can destroy an entire office building in the blink of an eye, thereby also threatening the lives of employees. In particular, electrical appliances that have heating elements are known to cause such fires. These include coffee machines and kettles. These are electrical appliances that are used in every office kitchen. Therefore, the fire safety regulations prescribe the use of fireproof mats or underlays. Such risks, which are also associated with personal liability risks, should not be handled so lightly. We advise that you provide your company with sufficient fireproof mats. A fireproof mat that is used in very many companies for fire safety reasons is called FireMat and is offered here in our store. The FireMat is TÜV-approved. With this mat, the fire protection in an office is significantly increased.


What to look for in fireproof mats

Particularly in the office environment, care should be taken to ensure that fireproof carpet pads do not pose an additional hazard to electronic equipment. Flat as well as heavy stones or tiles should therefore be avoided in the selection process. The reason for this is that there will be a risk of injury if these heavy stones or tiles fall. It should also be ensured that only products are used that are also approved by the TÜV. As already mentioned, our FireMat represents such a product. This is not only approved by the TÜV, but it is made of a robust yet lightweight material that is washable. Therefore, the FireMat as a fireproof mat is ideal for use in the office. The mat is made of a high-tech material, which consists of aramid. By the way, aramid is also used in racing driver suits as well as in firefighter suits. Our fire protection mats are also available as an inexpensive as well as multi-part set. You can buy them in our fireproof pad shop.

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