Fireproof mat for electrical appliances: preventing fire in the office

fireproof mat fire mat

Fireproof mat for electrical appliances: preventing fire in the office

Nowadays, almost every office kitchen contains electrical appliances, such as a kettle or a coffee maker. Did you know that such an appliance can easily cause a fire in case of a malfunction and that you need a fireproof mat for electrical appliances for fire protection in compliance with the law and insurance?

If an electrical appliance burns due to a malfunction, the plastic melts and the fire can easily spread to the kitchen without the presence of a fire-resistant base, causing a fire that can destroy the entire building and endanger the lives and health of your employees. This is precisely the danger that a fireproof pad is designed to reduce.

Therefore, to avoid liability risks, be sure to provide and use a fireproof pad for all electrical equipment in your office kitchen. Of course, the same applies to electrical appliances in government offices, schools, colleges and other institutions where people work. In private households you should not take any unnecessary risk in this respect either and buy a fireproof pad for little money. This is an important step towards vital fire protection measures.

The Firemat as a fireproof mat

You should make sure that the fireproof mat do not pose a risk of accidents to your employees. In some companies, tiles or safety glass panels are used as fireproof pads, but these can pose a major risk of injury if they fall. Therefore, tiles or glass plates should not be used in the office environment, even in the light of accident prevention.

When buying such fireproof pads, you should definitely make sure that they have also been tested by independent institutions. Only then can you be sure that they will provide effective protection in the event of a fire. You should not compromise on the issues of fire protection or liability.

A very usable and frequently used product in Germany is the Firemat offered in this store. It is certified by the German TÜV, washable and made of a non-combustible material. Besides, it is very light and looks very attractive. Of course, it is made of a high-tech product (aramid fibers). These fibers were developed in space research and are also used for firefighters or racing suits.

Fire departments and insurance companies urgently recommend that all electrical appliances (for example coffee makers, toasters, kettles or food processors) be placed on a fireproof pad to massively improve fire protection by simple means. And the numbers speak for themselves: every third house fire today is caused by a defective electrical appliance.

Avoid liability risks and buy the fireproof pad FireMat here in our Firemat-Shop .

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